World Class 24/7/365 Support

A professional and dedicated team of POS specialists will assist you with every single aspect of your Echo POS Program from the time that you decide to place our POS system in your business, menu building or inventory software setup, staff and management training, and for as long in the future that you decide to utilize our service.

Dedicated Order Administrator

From the day that your application arrives in our office your order is assigned a dedicated order admin team and order administrator who will work personally to ensure that everything goes smooth. If you are a restaurant your order admin will talk to you about your menu and make sure that we have everything to build your program including all menu items, modifiers, specials, catering menu, bar items, etc. If you own a retail store we will obtain your inventory and discuss categories so that your touchscreen layout has the look that will work best for your business. The Harbortouch POS has already been installed in tens of thousands of merchant locations so there is probably not a situation that we have already encountered.

Video Tutorials, Webinars, and Live Phone Training

Right from the touch screen the manager can access a variety of useful and very easy to understand video tutorials that demonstrates how to perform each of the functions on your POS. This is especially valuable when you hire new staff as they can simply watch the videos and learn how to perform their specific POS related tasks without you or a manager spending hours of your valuable time being the teacher. Every week we offer online webinars where you can join other merchants all over the country in watching a live online demo of the POS features and capabilities. Once you have attended a webinar you are then welcome to call into our live phone trainers who will answer any specific calls you might have.

24/7/365 In-House Customer Service and Technical Support

A highly trained customer service and technical staff is manned 24/7/365 to provide you with all of your POS related questions any time of the day or night including on weekends when you are probably your busiest. The support line is toll-free and located right here in the United States in Allentown, PA. No outsourcing of the support overseas as is common with our competitors. Not that we expect it to happen but you are welcome to call into support as many times as you see necessary at no additional cost. This is particularly important for you to note because we hear from our merchants that their previous POS vendor would bill them $75.00 to $100.00 for each phone call into their support department. You will also be pleased to know that the hardware has been built and lab tested to have a life expectancy of 7-9 years and the touch screen has been technically designed to allow for 35 million touches which is approximately 12 times the life expectancy of our main competitors.

Remote Support

The Harbortouch support team will be able to log into your system, with your permission, to repair any issues with the software and provide additional training. You will be able to observe the support team as the changes are made thereby enabling you to address the issue on your own in the future.

Overnight Equipment Replacement

The Harbortouch Echo POS was technically devised so if there was a hardware failure that could not be fixed via remote that a replacement unit be shipped to you for delivery the next business day and all that is needed is for us to enter the serial number of the new hard drive into the system and it will automatically download all of your business information including the menu or inventory into the system in a matter of seconds.

Offsite Database Backup

Included in your program we offer twice daily Offsite Database Backup service which automatically stores all of your critical data at a secure offsite location. This allows you to relax knowing that your important business information is always safe, even in the event of a power outage, power surge, lightening strike or physical damage to your system. We have seen contracts from other POS companies that charge as much as $700.00 per year for their nightly backup service.

Concerned Follow-up

Once your system is up and running we don’t just leave you high and dry. In fact we have a merchant satisfaction team that will contact you after you have processed your first $10.00, first $3000.00, and first $10,000.00 just to make sure that you are a happy camper. This is followed up with regular email communications on what is new and any enhancements that we believe will benefit your business.

Harbortouch Online Reporting

Only Harbortouch offers you Harbortouch Online which is a secure, web-based solution that gives you the ability to view statements, batch and transaction details, receipts, and much more right from your POS in a password protected mode or remotely from any Internet enabled device such as your home or office PC, laptop, notebook, iPad, or PDA. Harbortouch Online is a management and reporting tool that has been created after over 3 years of study and testing to provide you with an accessible and comprehensive interface that caters to all of your business needs. It also includes an exclusive feature that records every time-stamped keystroke function made on your POS which can be matched up with a digital picture of the person performing that function for use as both a security measure and a training tool.