Harbortouch Echo - The Best POS System for Small Business

Small Footprint. Big Performance.

Harbortouch Echo is a small business POS system that offers everything you need in a traditional retail POS terminal but with intuitive software and the compact design of a tablet at a very affordable price.


Harbortouch, a national leader in POS Systems proudly introduces the Echo POS system designed especially for small to medium sized retail stores and restaurants. Every single system is custom designed to fully meet the needs of your particular business. Harbortouch Echo combines the power and functionality of a traditional POS system with the simplicity and sleek design of a tablet-based system. The Echo software includes all of the front-end and back-end features your business will need to operate efficiently.

There are no two businesses that are exactly alike. As a result, we have developed unique module-based software for the Echo system which will allow your business to hide features they you don't need in order to maintain an uncluttered interface for ease of use. This allows your business to make the system as simple or advanced as you require and enables the software to scale with your business by simply activating any of these features in the future.

Overview Video


Fork to Fender

See how Harbortouch Echo POS has helped this restaurant run more efficiently.

Turtle Tom's Ice Cream Shoppe

See how this ice cream shop uses a Harbortouch Echo POS System to run their business.

Donut Mania

See how Donut Mania uses Harbortouch Echo to manage and track sales.

Rugged, Sleek, and Sexy

Our built-for-purpose hardware is custom manufactured to stand up to the rigors of everyday use in high traffic restaurant and retail environments. Harbortouch Echo has an all-in-one design and is self contained in a heavy duty cast aluminum body with a brushed aluminum finish for maximum durability and a sleek, modern appearance. This is in stark contrast to most every other "Square" like tablet POS which is composed of an iPad and a cheap plastic stand. Echo features a 13.3" screen to deliver better usability compared to the 9.7" screen size of the Apple iPad on which most mPOS systems operate. As a brilliant feature there is a button on the base which when pushed allows the entire screen to smoothly swivel and lock in place to allow the customer to sign on-screen for credit card transactions. Push the button again and it swivels right back to the cashier.

Innovative Security Features

In today's world credit card security is on every merchant's mind considering all of the high profile breaches that are constantly in the news which are costing merchants hundreds of millions of dollars in real fines and other costs. That is why Echo was built to the highest standards of the PCI council. The system is PCI compliant and EMV capable from day one. The mag-stripe reader features end to end encryption insuring that no credit card data is ever compromised during the sale process, no complete credit card data is locally stored on your POS, and included with your program is twice daily backup of all of your information in the secure Harbortouch data center. Unlike almost every other POS company which relies on third party applications that open up an entry point to hackers, Harbortouch controls the entire process so there is no weak point in the chain.

Accept all Payment Types including Apple Pay

Harbortouch Echo will accept every form of currency that your business would like to accept including Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, online Debit/Check Cards and offline Debit with an optional encrypted PINpad. Oh and by the way Echo is able to accept today what we (and even Bill Gates) expects to be the future of payments - Apple Pay. That is because of the reputation of Harbortouch within the POS and payments community, Apple selected Harbortouch to be part of the Apple Pay initiative during the development phase prior to being announced to the general public. The latest figures that were released is that 30 million of the iPhone 6 and 6plus were sold within the first month alone and all of them were be preloaded with the Apple Pay app. Usage is expected to be huge and you need to be ready to catch this wave.

How Echo Stacks Up to the Competition

One reason that tablet systems have appealed to many business owners is the perceived low cost compared to traditional POS systems. However, these systems typically require a surprisingly significant up-front investment in addition to an ongoing monthly service fee. For example, in order to get setup with the Square Register, a business owner needs to spend $499 for the tablet itself, $100 for the stand, $230 for a cash drawer, $220 for a receipt printer, and $120 for a barcode scanner. Those prices are directly from the company's website and are pretty standard among most of the tablet providers. That is nearly $1,200 before getting started and then you are on the hook for a monthly fee in the $79-$99 range for as long as you use their service. In the case of Square the outrageous rate they charge for credit cards is 2.75%. Oh and by the way I challenge you to find a phone number for Square on their website!

OK, so what is the cost for a Harbortouch Echo POS? There are no up-front costs at all and then you will pay just $29.00 per month on a 3 year service agreement. Really that is it!

Here is what the Harbortouch Echo POS includes:

  • All hardware including the touch screen monitor, swivel base, mag-stripe reader, high speed receipt printer, bar code scanner, Harbortouch router and appropriate cables.
  • Overnight replacement of any equipment that should ever fail at no cost to you.
  • All software specific to your business type and any required upgrades in the future.
  • Custom building of your restaurant menu (including bars, delis, etc.) or assistance with setting up your retail store database.
  • Training on your new POS. We will make sure that it works to your complete satisfaction and you know how it works.
  • 24/7/365 live support toll-free from our U.S. based employees in Allentown, PA from a company that currently supports several hundred thousand merchants.
  • Twice daily backups of your entire database so that you never have to worry about losing everything - this makes a dream out of what could be a nightmare.
  • Free paper rolls - Just pay for shipping.
  • Free real-time online reporting.
  • The built-in Perkwave loyalty program to bring customers coming back.
  • One stop service for everything - POS, Credit Cards, Gift Cards, and Loyalty.
  • Easy to Acquire so Let's Get Started!

Now that you have become familiar with the Harbortouch Echo POS we would love to have the opportunity to speak with you about placing one or more of them in your business. Please feel free to call Kevin at 800-717-1245 or via Email at kevin@mcvisa.com.  When you are ready to sign-up please complete the Apply Now button at the top of this page.